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The ONLY digital course of its kind to take lawyers from stressed, depleted, and unfulfilled to energized and in control of their lives and careers. 

Do you want to reclaim your energy and get more done in less time?

Do you want to be more present and connected to your work and your family and friends?

Do you want to set boundaries to protect your time and priorities without feeling guilty?

Do you want the power to choose how you react to any person and any situation?

Do you want your internal experience to match the calm, cool, controlled exterior you present to the world?

Do you want to do work you find meaningful, fulfilling, and in alignment with your values?

Do you want to trust yourself, your opinions and your decisions?

Someone could hand over on a silver platter the tools that would enable you to transform your life and career for the better?

what if..

The Leveled Up Lawyer is your answer.

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The Leveled Up Lawyer is a digital course that distills action-oriented coaching tools and concepts into a step-by-step framework with grounded, practical application and life-changing potential. 

what exactly is 

the leveled up lawyer?

6 Modules
16 Exercises
Proprietary Lawyer Pattern Model
Bonus Content
Lifetime Access

We’re Julie Bosi, Lauren Cohen, and Valery Federici, certified professional Energy Management Coaches.

We spent a combined 30+ years in the legal industry before becoming certified coaches. In our private coaching practices, we work with lawyers throughout the arc of their careers.

We pooled collective insights from our coaching practices and a curated selection of energy-focused tools to create The Leveled Up Lawyer.

We did this so even more lawyers could benefit from coaching-related resources at a fraction of the price of coaching engagements and with the scheduling freedom that comes from asynchronous learning.

Meet your coaches

The Leveled Up Lawyer

If you're ready to move from autopilot to the driver's seat of your life and career, join us in 

the leveled up lawyer is structured, efficient, and effective

Structured & Self-Paced

Our clients kept asking us for a curriculum (we know you lawyers love a structure!). Now, you can work through concepts taught in coaching at your own pace, whenever works best for you, with us to guide you step-by-step.


We’ve done the trainings, we’ve read the books, we’ve been there… so you don’t have to. We’ve distilled the best of the best strategies into a guided journey with only what's most effective to get you the change you want!




Experienced & Qualified

We’ve been in your shoes. We know what doesn’t work… and what does. We know that if you do the work in The Leveled Up Lawyer, you WILL get results.

This kind of work can be heavy. We support you all the way through, and we’ve made it FUN!

To get our combined perspectives in 1:1 coaching would cost thousands of dollars more than The Leveled Up Lawyer. Read more in "Our Story" below.

This is the only course of its kind on the market. You won’t find this mix of energy management coaching, legal, and lawyer professional development experience anywhere else.

What's included?


6 Modules

Broken down into bite-sized videos. We know you're busy, so we've included only what's necessary for you to achieve transformative change.

Course breakdown:

16 Exercises

Customized to take you step-by-step through turning insight into personal transformation.

Bonus Content

A curated selection of extras (videos, scripts, and more) to help you go deeper on what matters most to you.

Guided, Self-Paced Journey

Let us guide you through a tangible framework for creating more energy.

lawyer pattern model

Our exercises back up a proprietary model of thought and behavior patterns common among lawyers--patterns like risk aversion--that are helpful at times and harmful at others. Use these archetypes to keep what's helping you and release what's holding you back.

Success Partner

You have the option to participate in a “success partnership," where we will pair you with a success partner (another course enrollee) to hold each other accountable. You and your partner will decide what form of accountability feels right to you – text messages, emails, or weekly calls (with guided discussion questions provided by yours truly).

Lifetime Access

Purchase The Leveled Up Lawyer and get lifetime access to any updates. Come back and revisit content whenever you like!

The modules

The Substance


6 substantive modules of video content, plus a welcome and a closing celebration--released one week at a time. We support you from day 1 to whenever you finish, and you have lifetime access!

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Exploring Your Why & How to Get the Most Out of the Course

Module 1

Let’s Level Set Before We Level Up

Module 2

Learn all about energy

Module 3

Level Out—What's Keeping You Stuck

Module 4

level up—how to get unstuck

Module 5

becoming a leveled up lawyer

Module 6

sustaining change—staying leveled up


celebrating you!


We all know that law is a high-pressure, demanding profession.
For lawyers, stress management skills are not a nice-to-have: they’re a necessity.

In this bonus feature, Julie teaches tried-and-true techniques from her therapy training to help you cope with adversity and uncertainty.

Video Toolkit on Stress Management

$1,000 VAlue


Purchase The Leveled Up Lawyer
and enjoy complimentary
bonus content

Join us for 4 live virtual sessions during the course where we'll answer all of your questions related to the course.

Expand your learning and go deep with what's coming up for you! Perhaps there will even be a bit of spot coaching!

Live (Virtual) Q&A Calls with the Founders

$750 VAlue

  Worth $1,750!


“I enrolled in The Leveled Up Lawyer to proactively manage my energy. An ability to do that is exactly what I got out of the course. I now have insight into the main influences on my energy and tools at my disposal to raise my energy when it dips. My new skills led to constructive dialogue with the lawyers I lead about our unique energy drivers and reaction to stressors, which has set a new level of social and emotional awareness and increased the level of trust and cohesion in our firm.”

“What I learned in The Leveled Up Lawyer is invaluable. The content really helped me understand my thought and behavior patterns and take action toward expanding my level of energy. This conversation around personal energy management and how it affects all aspects of legal practice is so important in our high-pressure, high-stakes profession. Any lawyer looking to feel lighter and more in control of their time and energy would benefit from the program.”

“Energy management coaching was a game-changer for my legal career. I was thrilled when my coach partnered with other energy-minded coaches with experience in the legal industry to create a self-paced, structured offering. The Leveled Up Lawyer offers many of the action-oriented tools I gained through coaching, in an accessible format and at a lower price point than private coaching, so more lawyers can benefit from these life-changing resources.”

- Amelia B

- Mario Z 

-Tanya M-G

Lawyers Love The Leveled Up Lawyer

"so important"




Strategically manage stress.

Regulate your energy to reclaim time.

Break self-sabotaging patterns.

Set boundaries that support your priorities.

Connect with your intuition and values.

Get clarity on what you want and how to get it.

Create space for what matters most!

you will know how to...

By the end of the course

Former BigLaw corporate lawyer
bicoastal at heart
semi-professional dogsitter

Valery Federici

Julie Bosi

Former attorney development specialist
trained in mental health and well-being
People person to the core 

Former commercial litigator
extroverted introvert
life-long learner
Mom of two

Lauren Cohen

We are three ICF-Certified Professional Coaches on a mission to fuel an energetic movement in the law through coaching-related resources and community. 

Each of us is passionate about the legal industry--we've  worked within it in various roles for a combined 30+ years. Among the three of us, we have been:
        - a corporate lawyer,
        - a litigator,
        - an attorney development      specialist,
        - a BigLaw lawyer,
        - a midsize firm lawyer,
        - a knowledge management lawyer,
        - a paralegal,
        - a summer associate, and
        - a working parent.

We’ve taken an extended leave of absence, traveled for work for weeks at a time, negotiated billion dollar investment contracts, and successfully litigated trials in federal court. WE HAVE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES. We’ve used the techniques we teach in the course to change our own lives and those of dozens of our lawyer clients. 

We created The Leveled Up Lawyer because our lawyer clients kept asking us for a curriculum for the concepts we teach in coaching that they could work through at their own pace. We can't wait to welcome you!

Our story

The Creators of Level Up LegaL:

frequently asked questions

Is this coaching? Nope!

We created The Leveled Up Lawyer as an alternative to one-on-one coaching because our clients kept asking for three things: (i) a standard curriculum, (ii) that they could work through on their own schedule, (iii) at a lower price point than a typical one-on-one coaching engagement.

The Leveled Up Lawyer is a digital course composed of videos and exercises that you can complete on your own schedule. You'll work toward many of the goals you might in a 1:1 coaching relationship, but we’ve specifically structured it to be more accessible than a 1:1 coaching relationship typically is in both timing and cost. See how below!

The Leveled Up Lawyer


Live 1:1 or group setting





Independent / asynchronous


Lawyer-specific curriculum & tools

8 week program

Self-directed with Q&A & optional partner

$1297 (paid in full up front)



Scheduled Sessions

Highly bespoke & client-led 

Several month commitment

Built-in accountability

Thousands of $$

Is this only for lawyers in a particular phase of their career? What about non-lawyers?

We created The Leveled Up Lawyer to teach foundational coaching concepts that apply to and help everyone – regardless of seniority, practice group, or context. Whether you're in BigLaw, a small firm, solo practitioner, academia, the judiciary, knowledge management, or any other flavor of the law (including if you're not actively practicing) – all lawyers and law-adjacent professionals will benefit from The Leveled Up Lawyer.

Is this for me if I am male? Female? Non-binary?

Yes, yes, and yes! We strongly believe everyone (regardless of gender identity) can benefit from the energetic shifts we teach in this course, and that everyone belongs in the conversation we are creating around what comes up when you start to examine your values and live into them.

Do you offer payment plans? How about scholarships?

We offer the option to spread out your payments over three installments -- check out the "3 Installment Plan" under 'Pricing & Payment Options,' below. Note that we do offer a $100 discount for paying in full up front! Accessibility is one of our core values. In time, we hope to offer scholarships to help ensure that a broad range of lawyers have access to these transformative coaching tools, concepts, and skills.

Can my firm/employer sponsor me?

Yes! If you have a professional development budget, consider using it toward this purpose. For help with payment logistics, email us at

Can I watch the modules or do the exercises out of order?

We've structured the course content to flow together. Later modules build on what you have learned (and created) in earlier modules. For that reason, we recommend doing the modules in order. Of course, you have lifetime access, so you're always free to revisit your favorite content!

Is the course purely virtual and asynchronous? Are there any live or in-person aspects?

The course is primarily virtual, which allows it to be fully self paced. We know you're busy--complete the modules whenever works for you! There will be some live (virtual) events to let you meet other energy-minded lawyers and help you integrate your learning and progress.

Is this my only chance to join? When will The Leveled Up Lawyer be offered again?

Yes, it will be offered again, but another opportunity may not come until late 2023! We expect to offer the course at a higher price point in future launches. Don't miss out! We'd love for you to join us.

How much time should I expect to commit?

We designed The Leveled Up Lawyer for lawyers – which means it was developed with an eye toward being accessible within the context of demanding and often unpredictable schedules. On average, we recommend allocating 1 - 2 hours each week to watch course modules and implement what you learn. A short-term investment of time will give you long-term returns. And remember, once you enroll, you’ll also have lifetime access to all the great content!

My question isn't covered here—how can I get an answer?

We've got you--just email us at!

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Are you still on the fence?

If you’re thinking “this sounds amazing but I’m still not 100% sure,” keep reading…


You give everything and everyone else in your life 110% and never seem to give to yourself...

You're too busy to spend time on something that won't work...

You crave balance and freedom but you're afraid nothing will really help you...

You secretly fear the only way to 'fix' what's off is to leave your job, or the law entirely...

Give yourself the gift of The Leveled Up Lawyer if you're motivated by any of the following:

 What if... ?

We know we’re speaking to lawyers, and by nature, you are skeptical! (In fact, we address that skepticism --and how it’s both helping you and holding you back -- in the course! But we digress…)

We’ve heard all the objections before, and we’ve specifically structured the course to best position it to get you to the goals you’re after. 

But, but, but...

I don't have time...

I can't justify spending this much money on myself...

I don't trust myself to actually complete the program...

I'm afraid The Leveled Up Lawyer won't work for me...

We know firsthand how busy lawyers are and that’s exactly why we designed The Leveled Up Lawyer so you could watch the course when it works for you! We’re giving you the most efficient way to experience this content – we’ve done all the trainings, we’ve read all the books, we’ve spent decades honing the best in class content and we’ve included only the most transformative content in the course. We promise it’ll be worth your time.

But even more than that, The Leveled Up Lawyer will help you get back time in your day. We can’t tell you how to create more time (it’s impossible!), but we’ll teach you how to take back control of your energy, so you spend more time feeling in charge of yourself rather than at the effect of your circumstances. That energy shift can be a multiplier of time and productivity! If your time is valuable (and we know it is), you don’t have time to forgo learning how to become a Leveled Up Lawyer!

Lawyers have a notoriously hard time investing in themselves. Truth talk: it’s never really about the money (especially since the value of the Leveled Up Lawyer is THREE FOLD the actual investment amount). If someone could hand over on a silver platter the tools that would enable you to transform your career and life experience for the better, what would that be worth to you? Put differently: what’s the cost of not making a change? The career and life experience you want is 100% possible for you and YOU ARE WORTHY of it. 

We created The Leveled Up Lawyer to provide access to tools and resources similar to those you would access in a one-on-one coaching relationship at a fraction of the price. By enrolling, you’re getting all of that goodness at a significant savings compared to coaching!

Don’t worry! We’ve implemented special features for those who’d like help ensuring they successfully complete the program:

· First, we have an optional “success partnership," where we will pair you with a success partner (another course enrollee) to hold each other accountable. You and your partner will decide what form of accountability feels right to you – text messages, emails, or weekly calls (with guided discussion questions provided by yours truly).

· Second, we offer LIVE bi-weekly Q+A calls to help keep you on track. Watch the modules during the weeks they’re released and come to the Q+A calls to have all of your burning questions answered.

· And third, when you sign up during a live Masterclass, you’ll be eligible for a complimentary 30 min coaching session with one of the co-founders of Level Up Legal. Your coaching session will take place before the start of the program to give you that extra jolt of motivation!

We know—you don’t have time (or money) to waste on something that won’t work. And you’re risk averse (another sometimes helpful, sometimes harmful lawyerly tendency that we address in the course!). You want to be sure this will work before taking the leap of faith to invest in yourself.

The lawyers who have gone through the course know that it works. They’ve called it, “life-changing” and “invaluable.” They've released limiting beliefs, expanded their perimeter of possibility, and recalibrated their professional value proposition using expansive, value-driven energy. These lawyers are amazing, creative, driven folks. And they were stressed out, over-scheduled, and feeling bogged down by low energy (or on the watch for it!) when they enrolled in the course. They are special people, but they don’t have anything that you don’t have, too. 
Ultimately, the only way you’ll know whether The Leveled Up Lawyer will work for you is if you have the faith in yourself to try. Come join us!

Let's do this thing.

So what are you waiting for?

Level Up What it Means to be a Lawyer